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Our activities in Graciosa Island began in 2002, and we were pioneers in promoting events in the area of underwater tourism, which have projected not only Graciosa itself, but also the Azores, beyond borders.

With the same dynamic entrepreneurship, we have been developing other nature and adventure programmes, providing unique moments to those who visit us.

Graciosa Island is a Biosphere Reserve. With landscapes of unusual natural beauty, an ocean sea full of life, it is the ideal destination for those who want to spend a quiet holiday in the company of friends and family.

Here you can observe large marine mammals, swim with dolphins, do unforgettable dives, interact with various species ...

... by land or by sea, we will help you to discover what this island has to offer, with the sympathy and the art of welcoming of the Graciosenses.

Come discover with us what many nature and sea lovers already know: Graciosa, a hidden paradise.

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