Scuba Diving experiences & Snorkelling

A scuba diving experience is something you don’t want to miss!

We carry out the baptisms at sea, in areas of calm sea and shallow depth.

After a brief summary on procedures, techniques, proper functioning of the equipment and underwater communication, the baptism / experience begins from the dock steps or the boat.


In a relaxed way, we evolve to a depth of 4/6 metres, always in the company and supervision of an instructor from our team. You can experience the sensation of breathing underwater and observe the marine life around you.

Age: from 10 years old. Minors: parental consent required.

To practice Snorkeling, you only need to know how to swim.

It consists of observing the seabed and marine life from the surface, in shallow and calm sea areas, using a mask and snorkel.

The sea bottom of Graciosa Island is full of life and colour; myriads of small colourful fishes, large shoals of sardines and horse mackerel, barracudas, sea breams, parrotfish,dusky groupers.

We have complete equipment for the practice of this activity, and the practitioners are supported and accompanied by a qualified member of our team.


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